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His first wife has discovered our secret marriage and is asking for a divorce

I am the second wife of a Muslim man, I am also Muslim, ours was a love marriage. Our marriage was kept secret from his first wife and his parents. However, recently his first wife came to know about me and she now wants to divorce him.

What will happen to me after my husband’s second wife gives him a child?

I am a Muslim woman married for the last 5 years but still don’t have kids. Meanwhile my husband married a second wife two years back and she is now pregnant. What will happen to me?

How to convince my husband to take me back?

I went to Dubai for 3 months out of pressure from my parents. We used to still talk and think and plan of how to get back to each other. Due to some fight we had over the phone we stopped talking for some time. That’s when his parents forced him to marry and he got married again to another woman.

My husband won’t divorce his first wife

I have a few problems at the moment and I’m looking for anwers. I am 27 recently married. I am my husband’s second wife. He is still married to his first wife as he has 2 children from her and the marriage was in family. I met him when I was 15 and off course fell in love.

How do i know if the first wife is doing magic?

I have a disturbing question. I am married as a second wife, and as I had explained in my earlier post that my husband is so scared of his first wife that he cannot give my equal rights and the 1st wife knows clearly that he married me and we have two kids together. My main concern is regarding the things I have discovered during the period I got married and till of recent. I don’t believe in SHIRK at all, and am STRONGLY AGAINST anyone doing it, but I have the following signs which sometimes makes me think that the 1st wife has been doing or still doing sihir to get her husband by herself.