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My boyfriend is abusive but I love him

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

I’m facing so many problems in my life. I got involved in a relationship, one which I have been in for the last 8 years. I really love him but he always bothers me, he uses abusive language against me, he slapped me, kicked me. One time I ended up with plaster on my hand for one month during Ramzaan because of him.

How can I get out of marrying this guy?

My name is Fatuma and my wedding is this summer July 2012 and I’m not ready. I do not like the guy I’m supposed to marry.
I said yes to my parents in the first place because they were mad at me for rejecting my cousin and I didn’t wanted to hurt them again even though I was not happy about what I was doing-but now I’m trying to explain my parent that I never liked that gu

Pregnant at 16 out of wedlock. I need help.

Salam. I’m here today to get my question answered. I’m Muslim. I’m 16. I committed Zina and I’m pregnant. May Allah find it in Him to forgive me.

Emotionally Abandoned and Depressed

I am a 25yr old female sent to study abroad by my mother. She is a doctor and forced me into doing medicine as well. I have spend the worst time of my life in these past 5 years, met all sorts of selfish people who cheated me and let me down….