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I need to break off this engagement

My parents are not ready to listen, they are worried about the society and what our relatives would think. They only blame me.

Is nikah valid if the girl is not willing by heart?

My parents did my engagement with my cousin. I refused them even at engagement that I don’t like that person but they insisted. Now my marriage date is fixed. I want to know that will this nikah be valid?

Engaged against my will

I don’t like my fiance but am too scared to admit it. I found someone who I truly love, but he is arabic… He wants to marry me and so do I but if my parents find out that I have been talking to someone else while I was engaged they will kill me.

Happily engaged, now forced to marry someone else!!

I wanted to know if a man and woman happily get engaged, should either of them consider someone else for marriage if their parents/guardians or ANYONE else tell/force them to?

I want to break off this forced engagement

My mother is constantly threatening me… My older brother is threatening to kill me… I have even thought about suicide.

Engagement, Do I have a say in it or not?

I did not agree to be engaged. However my parents did not listen, and did get me engaged to him. They said that if I broke the engagement, I will ruin our family honor. My dad told me I had no say in this and that I have to do what they say.

Being forced into marriage, but I love someone else

I got engaged and I only told that one friend who made me get into the relationship with my true love. I hate the guy I got engaged to; I never talked to him and I never thought this would happen. I never had and never will have any feelings for him because I love someone else and that someone else is not aware of all this.

I was forced into marriage, I wasn’t even aware of it

My parents did the Nikah without telling me. I wasn’t aware that I am getting my Nikah done. And every time I tell my parents that I am not marrying him, they always say but you already did the Nikah.

Mother denies him for me, because of his age

im 19 years old and iv been emotionally blackmailed by my mother into an engagement with a 29 year old. my story is such that i was in love with a boy. a muslim boy. there is nothing wrong with him. he is from a decent family. practices islam when my mother found out she refused on the basis that he is only 2 months older to me.

I love her and want to marry her but she is engaged, please help

I love someone but she likes me a lot. She can’t love me because she is engaged but I can’t live without her. I’ve some family problems like my father and mom got divorced when I was kid but she said she doesn’t care about these things. She likes me a lot and she talks with me a lot but she always keep saying she can’t marry me and she can’t be my life partner.