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I was pressured to marry my cousin but he does not love me

I was pressured to marry my cousin. All my objections were ignored. Now I found out he is still in love with another girl, and he says he wants to marry her.

I want to marry him but his father refuses as I am divorced. Is it due to religion?

I am new to this site but I am sure that I can get my answers on this site. I am a 25 years old divorced Indian female and am currently dating a muslim guy. We get along with each other very well since we have been together for past 3 years. I have been divorced for 6 years now. Me and the guy want to get married and settle down but just because the divorced tag on my name has refrained us being together. He doesn’t have his mum with him and stays with his father and twin brother. We tried to talk to his father last year for us to get married but he refused due to me being divorced. I am not sure why he has said no to our relationship; is it because such marriages are not acceptable by religion Islam or is it something else?

My brother doesn’t want to marry his fiance but he is doing so for our parent’s happiness.

He trust me with his whole life. He has told me about his past. Like how he used to sell drugs and have sex with other woman. He has also told me he was in love with his ex girlfriend. How she treated him different than any other girl he even meet. He still loves her. But didn’t marry her because it was a long distance even though they lived in the same city. He lies to my parents to get him engaged. He doesn’t want to marry the girl he is engaged too. He doesn’t want to hurt my parents and break up the Engagement. And he feels if he does and goes back with his ex girlfriend. She might take him back. How could I help My brother?