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I swore a lie on the Quran only to make my parents happy

My parents forced me to take my hand on the Quran and promise to not commit the sin again, so I did it only to make them happy, but I knew I would do it again.

Forced Promise

What if I have to promise something to my parents forcibly by keeping my hands over the Quran?

Promise made over Quran, is there any way to break it?

He had no other choice, so he made a promise over Quran in front of his family and our friends. Now he still loves me. Insha Allah, I definitely know he will marry me or will stay a bachelor forever. Same-I will also marry him or none. So is there any way he can talk to me again? It will break the promise. I know it is a very big sin. But I can’t imagine a life without him. Please guide me.