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Surely Allah will help me stop this marriage…?

My father engaged me to some boy and after a few months I am going to get married.

Forced Marriage and not happy

I can’t stay with somebody I’m not happy with JUST for izaat.

I was married forcefully – I really need help it’s urgent

I am not satisfied with my nikah. I tried a lot to love him but just his attitude his anger make me more far from him.

Not Happy In Marriage

I feel myself giving up and hitting rock bottom to the lowest. I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless and feel like I have no options left except the thoughts in my head now….

Should I get a divorce?

I know if I ask my husband for a divorce he will fight me on it because he doesn’t want to lose me, but oddly enough he doesn’t want to work on keeping me.

Emotionally blackmailed into marrying a guy I don’t want to marry

My parents want me to get married, which is fine, but my mum is adamant to give me to her sister’s son, which I don’t want… She doesn’t seem to care about my feelings and about my consent. To her emotional blackmail does not constitute forced marriage…

Force Marriage – Is it Valid?

As per for me it was only signing on a paper… nothing more than this.. I felt like I was being killed by my parents!

Bangladesh-Pakistan love stories

I am in love with a Pakistani boy, and he loves me too. But my family is forcing me to get married with another boy.

Engaged against my will

I don’t like my fiance but am too scared to admit it. I found someone who I truly love, but he is arabic… He wants to marry me and so do I but if my parents find out that I have been talking to someone else while I was engaged they will kill me.

Two years on from a forced marriage

I am not attracted to him at all and no matter how hard I try I just can’t force feelings and emotions….