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In love with a fellow and engaged to my Cousin

Upon knowing that he is Shia they engaged me to my cousin as I belong to Sunni family. I find myself unable to move on.

Forced into marriage by my parents

I told my parents I don’t want to marry… but just that wasn’t an enough reason. They’re saying “if you dare say to anyone that you’re being forced…”

Disturbed and unable to accept this marriage

But I am in constant touch with the person I wanted to marry. I betrayed him myself and now I cannot go along with my husband. I just don’t love him, I cannot stand him..

I don’t like him but my parents are forcing me to marry him

I said YES in haste as I was too attracted to his good family status and all that but after few days I realized, it’s wrong. This person has done wrong to me and I am not willing to sacrifice anything for him.

A Man Was Forced to Marry – Is it Valid?

I get this question about being “forced to marry” all the time, and I just want to say to people, “Take resonsibility for your own lives. Take responsibilty for your own decisions. I am addressing men in particular. If your parents pressured you by saying, “If you don’t marry her, we’ll kick you out of the house,” so you married her, well, you had a choice and you made a decision.