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Marrying cousin who goes to scholar for making decision

I know if she is not married to me, she will be married only to one who believes in this scholar & she can’t never escape the hell…

Can you look in the future and tell me if we will be married?

Everyone is happy and ready for marriage but her mom is not ready and not agree for this relationship.

False claim of zina.

So my husband respects his friend a lot as he thinks that his friend knows everything due to his piety. One more thing, once my husband’s friend told something about our married life which was only known to me and my husband. Now last week he told my husband that I a having a relationship with some other guy and that I had sex with that guy.

Istikhara for marriage by a shaykh, based on parents’ names

However, someone advised them to get istikhara done by a shaikh. He just asked for our names, parents names and said this marriage is not successful and after few years it will end up as divorce. I want to know how can I make my parents understand that what they have done is not right?

My mother is a fortune teller what should I do?

i have been having a hard time because i have found out a while ago that my mother is a fortune teller i dont know what to do or say i am ashamed because recently are Muslim friends came to our house and did a fortune to her with a tea cup.