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Marrying my cousin but she had a breast milk from my mother

I want to marry my cousin, but she sucked my mom’s breast milk when she was 1. Can I still marry her?

My mother doesn’t want me to have a relationship with my foster brother

She thinks either I’m having some kind of a sordid affair with him and/or he’s grooming me for some ulterior motive! She also doesn’t believe that there is any kind of foster relationship between us and even if she did, in her eyes, it only changes the charges on me from zina to incest.

I want to marry a girl but we have taken the breast milk of our opposite mothers

y parents want me to marry a girl. The girl is a pious muslima. I like her too. But the problem is that she has taken the breast milk of my mother and also I had taken the same from her mother but only once & at the same time but without their husband’s permission. Should we go for marry or not?

Is my Cousin My Milk Sister? Can I Marry Her?

My mother fed her own milk to her sister’s daughter (my cousin) when she was a baby. Now my family wish to marry this cousin.

Can I marry to my cousin, or is she forbidden since my mother breastfed her when she was small?