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Cut ties with my abusive father, is it a sin?

I’ve read numerous sources that the Muslim who cut ties with siblings and parents will not receive neither ease or heaven, only humiliation.

Secret Marriage Maybe?

I am Muslim sister who has married a recent Muslim revert but I am scared and worried that I may have done things wrong…

My father molested me – so how do I marry the man I love?

We want to marry but my family will never say yes. I am in a foster home so it’s hard. We would like to do a nikkah but as I am in a foster home I have no clue what to do.

I am 15 & my father beats my mother and is an alcoholic

I heard my mum screaming stop, I saw my dad repeatedly hitting her, I tried to stop and pull my dad away but never done any good. He grabbed a chair and was about to hit it my mum with it until I came in front and got hit with the chair, but that didn’t stop my dad he went to a kitchen and grabbed a knife a went towards my mum… I went in front so he couldn’t touch her because she was pregnant

what do i do with my baby?

I made a mistake in committing zinna, i am not married and i have recently had the baby and have handed it to social services. he is now in foster care and i do not know what do, whether to give it up for adoption or not. me and the baby’s dad are fine, and would like to get married and keep this baby, and if i give my baby up, this will haunt me for the rest of my life, he is the only good thing i have.