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Fate and sin

If our fate is written on shab-e-miraj then everything that we do is written by Allah…?

How can I understand my role in the will of Allah?

I know that Allah knows and met all the souls that He created (Holy Quran 7:172), and also that I should accept that non-believers may not submit to Allah (Holy Quran 109:1-6). I also understand that I cannot comprehend His plan, and who He chooses, only Allah knows best.

Are Muslim women obliged to wear a headscarf?

Are Muslim women obiged to wear a scarf? If it is then why so? And, if its about modesty then how come only a headscarf can declare a woman a modest person? A woman can be modest by wearing decent clothes and behaving in a decent banner. But, if a woman wants to dress the way she likes then why doesn’t she have the free will. Or does she?