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Online friends

I got back in touch with my online friends… Many were happy to see me back. But a few not so much…

My friend fornicated – confused what to do?

I love her and care very much about her because she’s like a sister to me. But with her committing sins, I am confused as to what to do.

I have 2 questions I hope you can answer?

Does Islam allow friendship between Hindus and Muslims? Does Islam allow baby showers?

He hasn’t texted me back after a week…What should I do?

I want to break our barriers as I still feel an unexplainable bond to him. What should I do?

My best friend has a relationship with a boy

He has promised he will ask for her hand in 5 years. She’s trusting him completely but I don’t believe this guy.

Is Talking To My Best Friend Wrong?

We have been friends for 4 years. He is a non-Muslim yet has spoken greatly of Islam. His family is catholic and he fears to convert while living under their rules.

Is this acceptable? Can my repentence be accepted?

We both make dua for marriage and his mom does too… I already asked many people and they said it was okay to stay friends if we don’t flirt or talk about anything bad or be alone or do any of the haram things…?

I’m too possessive of my best friend

Sometimes I dream about her sexually. I feel like maybe this is because I was raped by my mom’s younger brother (my uncle) while my parents were busy in their own fights. He used me because no one was watching the kids. So I don’t want to be married.

I read my friend’s diary by accident and found out she has some issues, please help me understand her

My friend is my age (18) both in college. But she’s been in and out of depression (mostly in) for 4 years and a half, her family think that she’s just weird and that’s how she is. But no I know something’s wrong! A few days ago she left her iPod next to me and I didn’t think she’d mind, I picked it up and went to her notes, and she had written that SAME NIGHT this,

Is it wrong to have a non-muslim best friend who I love as a son

I am a Muslim girl and I am 19. I love my religion, have a strong faith in Allah swt and am proud to be a muslim. Nothing can waver my faith in Islam and am proud to admit that. I come from a religious, decent family and my dad is pretty strict when it comes to matters of religion and culture, especially with me and my sister. He bought us up really well.