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Any dua to marry my friend

Assalam-u-Wailekum, here is this girl she lives in my area and she is my close friend since 3 years. She doesnt meet me often because of busy routine. We both like each other …

We have had a friendship for five years but she won’t marry me

I have a friendship with a muslim woman for 7 years. we understand each other alot and exchange gifts but the problem am having is i wanna marry her and spent rest of my life with her. I finally found ture happiness. The problem is she only loves me as a friend and we both from different culture am black she is pakistani. Most of pakistan womens only marrys their pakistan men.

How do I help my best friend realise the enourmity of her sin?

I heard u give really good advice, as my friend emailed u asking about a frend who lost her virginity willingly. Well the that friend in fact is my best frend and I have the same problem. But nothing about forgiving. I just dont know whether to trust her or not, as i feel very uncomfortable around.
And another one of my frends is trying to advice her about the consequences and what she must do (wearing a hijab) but she just doesn’t seem to feel the guilt of her actions.