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I am very guilty

Now I think my past will ruin my life and that I am a characterless girl. What should I do?

Confused how to cope with his female friend

How should I handle this as I really hate her… We are having Nikka ceremony next month but I really get upset when I see her texts…

Jealous friends

I want to be friends with the people who are wealthy like me cause I don’t find them unhappy at other’s blessings. Wouldn’t it be counted as proud that I’m leaving my old friends and befriending with the wealthy ones?

Should I wear the Hijab?

I obviously cover my hair when I pray but I have such a strong desire to wear a hijab when I leave my house, what should I do?

Friends with benefits…

We dated for 5 years. In those years he slept with 2 girls. Now he just want to be friends more of a friends with benefit.

Online friends

I got back in touch with my online friends… Many were happy to see me back. But a few not so much…

I have 2 questions I hope you can answer?

Does Islam allow friendship between Hindus and Muslims? Does Islam allow baby showers?

How to cope in a mixed gender class?

I thought about doing homeschooling, but my parents don’t like that idea. And I don’t want to risk going to another school, as I am able to pray at this school.

Feeling very shy and alone

Why this is happening, is this my mistake or is given by God? And what can I do to make myself better and make new friends? I feel very lonely too.

What is the Islamic point of view on this?

In facebook I know a girl, she is like a sister to me.