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I fell in love with him…

I was sure he liked me. I saw future with him as my husband. And the worst thing is that I’m still deeply in love with him.

A misunderstanding has ruined our friendship

I can’t even approach her with the truth because I am scared and too shy…

Betrayal, do I confront these brothers?

It’s hard to face these people without saying anything. I want to fight just thinking about it. I am angry and I have been betrayed.

I don’t have friends, just came to USA

I’m a muslim girl. I just came to the USA, and I have a big proplem. I don’t have friends. I don’t know anything here. Please, if  anyone wants to be friends, let me know. Also, I can’t speak english very well, so if there are arabic friends…or it’s ok if you speak english, then I’ll learn from you how to speak […]

I feel like a silly loner – I don’t have any friends

At times I get this feeling maybe Allah thinks I don’t deserve any friends or maybe He’s angry at me and wants me to be alone…

I want my friends back and I do not want to lose any more people

In the past 2-3 years I have lost three of my best friends. one I do not know what happened she just stopped talking to me and refuses to. Although she talks to our other friends still. She was like a sister to me, we would not have been seen apart. My family even loved her and all my siblings loved it when she would come over. I do not know what I did that made her leave. She left right after I got married.

Will Allah listen to my broken heart even though I did wrong?

I’m actually very much confused n I don’t know what to do. Actually my problem is my friend. I’m 21 years old n I have a boyfriend since 2006 when I was 15. Being a muslim I know its not allowed in our religion but it was unintentional because I was so young, n everyone called it a charm. So I did.

My friends hurt my feelings

I am 20 years old. Some of mine university class fellow hurt my feeling badly. Treat me with bad behavior.

I was very devoted and sincere to them. Now what should I do?

Does Islam permit this type of relationship?

I have an account in one of the religious networking site. Wherein I have joined many ISLAMIC Groups and ALHUMDULLILLAH am the Admin of few of these groups, and so I get many freind request and I add almost all of them (known/unknown Muslims Male or female)and my only motive to do so is to share Maximum Islamic Knowledge among us.

My friends are hurting me, please help me

Now it has been 3 months and I pray everday to Allah (swt) to make my friends realize their mistake and to apologize for hurting me and to become friends again with me but it seems as if He (swt) is not listening. I am very hurt and upset and don’t know what to do? They have all done boycott from me and don’t want to resolve anything.