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Mother will not let me become a commerical pilot because I am a girl!

If I marry a righteous Muslim man, he will not mind me being a pilot and would take care of the house and kids when I am gone because they are OUR house and OUR kids, not mine only, not ask me to give up my dream to serve him like a maid. Why can’t my mother see this?

Why is getting married unnecessarily difficult? Does Allah send you a spouse or do you go and find one yourself?

Because I am no longer living, I am just existing.

My education is going nowhere

Why is it so hard for me? I pray to Allah why is it easy for some but me it’s very hard.

He is married and moved on but I still love him

I think if I will be marry someone then I will forget him, I do dua to Allah but my dua is not acceptable.

Drifting away from deen/Allah

I am angry, I am lonely… it is hard when everyone who sins is getting married and I am just waiting.

Is masturbation really this common?

I feel sexually frustrated. I am single- unmarried. I have been masturbating since I was 11 or 12 years old. When I talk about this issue with people, many tell me it is normal because all men masturbate.

How can he deal with stubborn and oppressive parents?

My parents often refuse to talk to me for days, make angry faces, criticize, insult and embarrass me a lot in front of relatives and friends. I am given lectures usually about money, status, job opportunities and great worldly prospects. All this even though I am a person who is usually content with little and I have no big ambitions.

Dealing with an immigrant husband

I do really love him, since he supports me emotionally at times. Living without him alone would be difficult as well. What to do with a husband who is inferior to a wife intellectually, financially, socially, and professionally? I do appreciate him praying and fasting. How long can a wife support a husband and his house?

Can I get married without my parents consent? Will my nikah be valid?

If I marry without their consent, will my nikah be valid? What shall I do? I have come to a point now after 7 years where I’ve realized they just won’t agree. Can I afford to waste any more of my life and youth? I’m just so tired of my life, and just want to be married to this guy whom I love dearly. He is a Muslim, same caste and the rest of it.

The definition of “difficult” IS my life and I’m going to go crazy!

I feel hopeless.. I want to die. I really really want to die. I might not make it to heaven.. But I don’t care anymore, cause I know deep down my heart that I’ve been patient all my life, I’ve been good and nothing ever been good in my life.. I feel like dying. What am I supposed to do? Ya Allah.. I’m just so close to hurting myself.. I can’t handle it. No words can explain my grief.. I’ve tried accepting this. But I can’t anymore. I CAN’T! Please help me! Please help!