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Husband ignoring me sexually and I need options

I am a 24yr old married woman who have been married for 4 yrs with my husband. Together we have a 15 mth old son. My husband has been ignoring me sexually, even before my pregnancy our sex life had been not so great.

Uneducated husband

My husband told me he wants to be serious in Islam but I see that it is not true. He does not want to read the Quran (only if we get in a big fight, then he reads a few verses). He won’t study and learn more about the deen (only if I force him to go to an Islamic lesson at Masjid every Tuesday). He won’t normally wake up for Fajr (unless I wake him up and if I don’t he blames me). He argues against clear verses from Quran and clear authentic Hadiths with his own opinions (then we get in big fight and he tries to then say ok ” I agree” just to stop the arguement). He is addicted to TV (mainly Al Jazeera).