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My new husband is unfaithful and manipulative, don’t know what to do

My suspicions got the better of me one night and i ended up checking his phone. I found that he was talking to several other women and making plans to meet up with them.

I want to change him into a good muslim but I am not able to. Help me

I won’t leave him I cannot. I got into this relationship thinking we would have a future and we can. But I just need to change him into a better Muslim. How do I?

Playing the Lottery

I want to play the lottery and if I do win I plan to use it 100% as zakat… would it still be haram to play if my intentions are pure?

I need help with my life

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know even if I am still considered as a Muslim.

Gambler husband – liar and womanizer – Enlighten me!

If I don’t agree to his ways, he verbally abuses me – tells me I’m a pig and that I am a worthless wife. He even told me to leave their house, that’s how disrespectful he is to me. I have been physically slapped around too in the past, last time was a few months ago. If I don’t talk back, everything is ok.

My husband gambles and doesn’t understand that it’s haram.

My husband gamble, he plays lotto numbers every week. I try talking to him to stop all this but it’s no use. Sometimes I think we have problems and the bad luck because of this.

My husband gambles

I have been in a relationship with a Muslim man for 6 years and we are married by an Imam but not by law. We are currently located in US and we have a preschool age son. My husband has gambled off and on for awhile and both he and I know it is haram. I am a recent revert so I am new to the religion but I do know gambling is a no no and I have stopped ever since I have taken the shahada.

Which is the punishment for gambling?


I would like to know which is the punishment for a gambler husband?

Thank you.

My husband does not let me visit my parents


I have been married for 10 years.

Due to misunderstanding between my parents and husband, he won´t let visit my parents. He also gambles what should Ido? I don´t want my marriage to break…

Not sure what to do about my husband

Salam alaykum

I have been married for 5 years now, and I feel our relationship has got nowhere. My husband has been physically abusive and has asked for forgiveness and I’ve accepted. And then it happens again! For the last few years of our marriage he has also started gambling and I am now in debt from bailing him out.