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How can I do tawbah?

I’m 16 and I’ve been forced to do gay stuff. How can I get help from Allah and seek forgiveness?


Being gay/bisexual in Islam

I am a bit confused and scared. Doesn’t our merciful Allah love all? He created us and this is something in my nature not something I chose.

How do I overcome this? Please help me.

I have homosexual urges. I have been dealing with this since years and it’s making me weak on my knees. Please pray for me.

Suicidal because of gay sexual activities

I have no other choice. I can’t live with it and can’t go without it.

Heartbroken and considering suicide

I was in a gay relationship with one of my close relative. I trusted him but now he got married. Suicide is my last option. I have lost my life partner, my love.

Hoor, polygamy, children…dilemmas of an ex-sinner

Thinking of more women and variety reverses my contentment and harms the frame of mind I have constructed for myself. It feels like greed to me and it reminds me of my past. It doesn’t leave any space for love at all. I just don’t feel comfortable with extra lust.

I have been gay, but I want to forget my past and live with my wife

I am a married man . But I have some problem. I am a man but my breast is small than other man. My sexual orientation is gay. But I want to forget my past life and i want to start my new life with my wife.

I’m gay but society won’t accept me, what should I do?

I know being gay is bad, but I read my five times namaz and read the Quran daily. I’m scared if my family find out I might get kicked out.

How should I behave towards a gay classmate who wants to be friends?

I go to college and in college I have a classmate that is gay. He states that he wants to become a Muslim, but I know that what he does is haram, but yet I don’t know what to do because I also don’t want to cause controversy in school.

Homosexual love is torturing me to suicide

Salam and peace be upon you from the almighty allah

Hello I’m a 17year old boy who has only two days of finishing year 12. 3-4 times a day pray, I read the Quran and always ask for Allah’s forgiveness. I had always wanted to have kids and marry a girl and live happily. But 4 years ago my family moved from to another city and I started a new school in grade 9. I met a boy, who is a good Muslim and we became good friends. I only see this boy at school. But in that year I started to fall in love with him, of which I felt ashamed.