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Family dysfunction led to my Borderline Personality Disorder

After a history of dysfunctional family and abuse in that environment, I realized that I likely have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am ashamed of this and furthermore do not have a well-paying, consistent job that would allow me to leave the family environment that is always in crisis.

Rejecting marriage proposal due to lineage

Can we reject a proposal because of negative traits in the girl’s family?

Marrying my cousin… Is it safe?

Will there be any genetic problems in my kids because of this marriage?

We are both thalassemia carriers, should we try for a baby or give up?

When we got married we both knew we were thalassemia carriers. (Thalassemia is an inherited disorder. It leads to the decreased production and increased destruction of red blood cells). We had a baby once and found that baby was a thalassaemia major and we did an abortion thinking of the baby’s future. We want to have […]