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Anyone struggling with a potential marriage?

For anyone in a troubled situation or who may be unsure of a potential marriage, I may be able to share my experience and what I did to find a fit and suitable husband for myself.

Should we marry now or wait until she finishes her degree?

Should we get married now or wait until she completes her degree?

Marriage Sunnah or Fard?

I think I don’t want to get married. Will I be sinning if I remain unmarried?

If someone doesn’t want to get married, would that be ok with God?

I can’t afford to raise a family. Maybe when I’m old. Then again in that age what is the point of getting married?

Who can give a woman in marriage?

Is it possible for a woman to nominate someone else to give her out in marriage because she thinks her parent may not accept the proposed man?

Marrying same girl twice

I suggested that we conduct the wedding in both places… They are doubtful whether it is permissible in Islam.

I am divorced and want to marry

I feel inclined to my friend or you think its too early to get into another relationship?

How can I be the girl his parents will want for him?

I’m worried because his parents might not accept me to get married to him.

I’m perplexed

I’m worried how my husband will treat me as my dad shouts at my mom, abuses her verbally… I don’t want a man like my father to be my husband.

A question about wedding ceremonies

Is it ok to have on one day boy wedding ceremony and on another day of walima his sister’s wedding?