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I have had haraam relations with my boyfriend, how do I repent and make my parents agree to marry us?

I love a guy who is very good we are together for about 3 yrs mashallah and deeply in love. But we have done a sin, we did not engage in sexual intercourse but except that, hope you understood. Now we both want to repent things just happen and we actually cant figure it out. I really want to repent so do my bf and also that we dont want to do that again.

I found my Mr. Right online but don’t know how to tell my parents

I started looking for a husband by myself online. Why ? Because I wanted to give myself a chance to find the partner I want, then let my parents find someone for me if it doesn’t work. I met someone compatible. He’s from UK and I live in France. Both of us are serious about marriage, and we were very surprised to find out that we have the same views about life. Ok, now you’re probably thinking I’m kinda naive lol. Honestly, I’m not.

I am 27, my wife is 18 and we don’t get along

In December, I met my wife on a matrimonial website and we started talking and immediately felt a vibe together. I am 27 years old and she is 18 years old. I had been looking to get married and for some reason or the other, by Allah’s decree, we weren’t getting good proposals and it was sort of frustrating me as all my friends were getting married and I needed someone to help me keep away from sins. Anyway, she approached me on the website wondering if I would be interested in marrying a young girl. I obliged and things went from there.