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Disturbed by discharge

Is it farz to do ghusal for namaz… or wuzu is enough?

Ghusl after an operation

Do I have to take a ghusl every time?

Gussal for drops of semen?

   Assalam-o-Alaikum! I am 24 years old, and I want to know something. When we masturbate, or whenever Aitlam happens to us while sleeping, then we do ‘GUSSAL’beacause it’s farz. I have the problem that whenever I think of something wrong or see wrong things without masturbation, a few drops (1-2) come out while in the process of thinking […]

Purification for Salah – Should I repeat Ghusl?

I want to know that if i had nightfall and even after taking bath, i realise a drop of semen from my genitals, then what should i do for being pure again?? Should i take bath again or can i be pure only by washing that dirt for offering salat??

Medical problem breaking wudhu… can I pray? Could it be the evil eye?

Its going to be my 15th day tomorrow that I have not prayed as I have been having on/off bleeding… My family are saying I can pray and I know a sister who one day said I can pray and the next text said I can’t pray??? what do I do? … my mum had a sisters gathering in her house and I have not been myself since… could it be evil eye???

Washing of the Kaa’ba

Alhumdolillah, I am SO excited – I just paid my deposit for my trip for hajj 2012, inshAllah and pray that Allah allows me the ability to perfom it. I have been studying all the material I can find and asking family and friends tips about Hajj and umrah so I am well prepared when the BIG day arrives, inshAllah.

Do I have to take a ghusal?

aslam o alikum I want to ask a question that I have heard- that ghusal is compulsory after intercourse with wife but my question is that during sexual arousal or watching sex movies a sticky fluid comes out! In that condition is ghusal mandatory or just to wash that particular part of cloth and organ is […]

Cannot get clean after intercourse

After intercourse the husbands discharge keeps coming out even after washing up and a shower. Am I clean?

Ghusl of a deceased woman?

I have few questions regarding washing deceased. I have heard that husband can’t give his wife the last bathe as after the wife dies the nikah becomes invalid, is this true?

I want to repent & do ghusl, as I have masturbated, watched lesbian porn & my family is cursed by black magic

I’m a 15 year old Girl, I live in the UK and used to live in a place where there was hardly any Muslims. A few years back i started watching porn and I started masturbating, not sticking anything, just rubbing. I masturbated over lesbian porn but I am not a lesbian. I know these are VERY bad things to do and ive stopped watchin the lesbian porn and ive stopped masturbating but sometimes i still watch porn-normal porn.