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Please save me from these sins?

Whenever I pray I hate myself because I know I am a sinner, a grave sinner, I hate myself and definitely Allah will be hating me.

Is it love or just lust?

Every time I found something new about Islam I regretted the fact that I lost someone like him because everything he said was right.

Is there a dua for a baby boy?

I’m 14 weeks pregnant now. Is there any dua to ask for baby boy?

My BEST-friend is Christian. How can I lead her to the beautiful light that is Islam and to Allah (swt) the Most Merciful?

As a muslim humdellah, I have learnt the beauty that Islam holds. However I have also become aware of the punishment, and hardships one will face in refusing to accept Islam. My best friend however, is Christian. I have been the best of friends with her for over 8 years, and I truly love her. I do not see her as a friend, rather a sister. In that being said, it brings me to tears to even think, that she will be punished in the hereafter for not accepting Islam.