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Confused about her istikhara result

Recently she said she did istikhara about us and the result she got is that she needs to wait for the right time and the right person….. I’m so confused and think she’s trying to scare me away.

Should my non-Muslim Girlfriend Have an Abortion?

My non-Muslim girlfriend is pregnant. My family says she should get an abortion.

My girlfriend’s parents don’t want us to get married

But we both want to marry each other only…. She can marry me without her parents permission.

Swore on Quran not to contact my girlfriend, but I broke it

I swore to my mother on the Quran that I would not contact my girlfriend anymore, but I broke it because I love her.

Anal Sex with a woman other than your wife

I had Nikkah but am not married to my wife as my marriage ceremony will be in few month. I had by mistake anal sex with a woman who is one of my girlfriends.

She left me but I still need her

I couldnt bear it and I informed her father that I have been loving his daughter for the past 6 years… Her father started beating her up and took her mobile and other ways of communication out of her reach.

How can I make her accept islam?

I tried to approach her by scaring her, saying that she will go to hell if she doesn’t embrace islam. I know it was very naive on my part, but can someone tell me how to approach her? I want her to see the beauty of islam. She is not acceping any of my efforts of hidayah, so can anyone tell me how to ask people to convert to Islam? How can I sow the seeds of Islam in her heart? I hope I find a successful answer which can fetch me results.

Should we get married?

I pray regularly and seek forgiveness from Allah and I always feel guilt, but I really need advice on if I’m wasting my time or not.

How to get into school and dump a girl

When that girl came to me yesterday she tried to seduce me, but I stopped her from doing so Alhamdullah. She went away saying that I didn’t love her any more just because I don’t want to lose my virginity with her. She promised that she will have sex with me when she comes again.

Talaaq after lying to girlfriend?

I was never going to leave my wife for her… is my nikah still safe or broken? Please help me!!