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Will the situation ever change?

I’m afraid I can’t be happy,ever. I’m slowly giving up on myself.

Muslim boyfriend giving up

I can understand his concerns, but it’s like he’s not even allowing me to have a chance.

Dua to get seriously ill or die?

Anything will be better than going against my parents or breaking this guys heart.

Should I just give up on marriage and a family?

Nobody is accepting proposals as my family is hindu. I want to have a muslim family of my own but it seems impossible.

I want to give up; this pain is too much

I have fallen in love with a non-Muslim man who is Sikh. Both of us have strong feelings for each other, but I know this is also haram so we backed off. But if someone can treat you right, respect you and is willing to look after you your whole life, doesn’t that mean anything? I have never trusted a man in my life apart from him.

I want to convert from Islam to Christianity so I can get a job

I am fed up of this after trying it for the last 5 years. Overall I can say that Islam is the best religion without any doubt, yet it’s followers are the worst -including me. So I want to leave the religion where people have no unity, fight with each other, are selfish, jealous, have an attitude, are arrogant, etc.

Tension in the house makes me feel like giving up

Because of the situation at home, I really couldn’t care less about my future. I basically have given up on life. I’m an only child, and for the past decade I have seen my parents bicker, fight, and insult each other.