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Paying zakaat on jewellery after divorce

Now that it is mine the responsibility of zakaat is with me. So I want to pay for it but I don’t have that much amount of money.

Please help me find my gold jewelry

We remembered that we had given it to our cousin, and when we called him to say we wanted the gold he and his wife said “you have not kept it with us and we don’t remember you coming to keep it at our home”.

My wife is mentally ill, but I didnt know till after marriage

I got married in sept 2011. Since then my spouse behaved in different ways .I got lost to find her madness like actions. I tried my best to advice her to mend her behavior so that we can live a happy married life which will lead to our bright future but all in vain .When referred to her parents they were also advising her to behave properly and apologizing us for her rude and rough behavior .

Am I divorced?

My husband sent me divorce papers. 4 months have lapsed he has not provided me of children with any financial support, took my gold jewellery and money from bank all savings put injunction on saving and now wants to reconcile. I can’t trust him, but am I divorced as 4 months have lapsed?

In-laws not returning my jewelry after divorce

I got married in 2001, I soon found that my husband was a A-class drug and alcohol addict who would often hit me. However I did not want to give up and for 6 years I tried everything to help him. During this time he stole from me and beat me alot. I was the sole breadwinner he did not work and then in ramadan 2007 one day I came back from work and he was drunk and started hitting me. I begged him to stop as I was fasting but he did not.

Is it true that we don’t pay Zakat on the gold we use in our every day lives?

I heard someone saying that those gold things which we use daily in our routine life, one doesn’t have to pay their zakat. Is it true? If yes then please give some reference, because I just heard it, didn’t read it.

i lost my gold

please help me i need to get my gold back. my mom got it with much difficulty for me and i have lost it. will i get it back? where is it? plss help me i need to find it.