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Who should I go for?

I decided to forget him, and planned on getting married to a sunnatic Muslim brother. After three months, I saw a Muslim brother and I liked him, and then he proposed to me. I accepted the proposal to get married to him, after which my former ex came back and asked me to reunite in halal way.

One Sided Love; how do I marry him?

I have liked him for a very long time and I do not know what to do. He knows who I am, and we are acquaintances. I do not date and obviously he doesn’t. He does not know I like him. But I dont know what to do and is there any duaa for me to get him.

Am I wrong to reject a proposal based on what the man does for a living?

I am a 28yr old girl, single. In my student life I didn’t get into any relationship with any guy (even though I had people who were interested in me) because I know it is forbidden. Friends all around me got into such forbidden relations & are now married.