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Thank you, Br. Wael and contributors of

If you’re having a hard time right now, this is not where you will always be. Have the courage to do your part and believe that things will get better.

My mum is not grateful for the food we cook

My mum doesn’t appreciate what Allah has given her. She always complains about the food we cook and does not say Alhamdulillah.

Christian woman reconnected with the child’s father (Muslim) after over a decade

We are both young and educated so we want nothing from each other apart from happiness and peace and a HAPPY reunion after all these years. But as a christian i was brought up to believe that the acceptance of inlaws is important where marriage is concerned

Husband’s Housekeeping Habits are Causing Problems

Assalamu-alaikum, I have been with my husband for 5 years now and alhamdulillah Allah has given me a wonderful husband and I am happy with most aspects of our relationship. However, he can be very inconsiderate and unappreciative at times. After work at times he won’t say salaams or even smile. (I understand that he is tired after work so I leave him). He will never ever helps out around the house which I don’t mind but he will leave a a lot of mess after himself. For example if he uses the bathroom the whole bathroom will be soaking wet.