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Am I wrong for divorcing my violent wife?

She began to take her frustrations out on me. So she began to wallahi kick me, stomp on my feet, scratch my face, etc.

Arranged Marriage and Parent’s pressure

I think he is marrying me solely for my greencard. His American visa is expiring in September and wants to marry someone before he get deported.

My sister is in an unlawful marriage. Please help.

Can anyone help me to know dua to recite for breakage of my younger Muslim sister (19 y/o) unlawful relationship with her non-muslim husband, with who she did secret court marriage.

Married and awaiting his G-card, but proposing for marriage claiming 1st relationship is over.

I was currently introduced to a bro. who has been married to an Muslim-American for 10yrs. they have 2kids together. It has been 2yrs that their relationship has not been in good terms so he decided to move out of the house and into an apartment of his own. I have checked with the imam of his area and they say that he is a decent guy and that he has been living apart from his wife but they haven’t gotten any divorce. When I say they haven’t gotten a divorce I mean it in an Islamic and legal sense.

A married man wants to marry me, but is waiting for his greencard before he divorces

Salamu Aleikum,

I know a very good Muslim Man. He prays five times per day and puts Allah first in everything he does. Right now, our relationship is innocent although we do spend time together praying in the home at times. This is because this man has expressed interest in marrying me and we are trying to learn more about eachother.

Husband only cares about his career and green card

One whole year, and it’s sad to say my husband does not have feelings for me. He “cares” for me, but his number one priority he has made VERY clear is his career and his future profession. He has point blank said everything else really doesn’t matter. It just seems like their is a block on his heart to fully open up to me. He does say, however, that once we have our rukhsathi (actual wedding ceremony) and we start living together, it will be different.