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How can I guide a man who once guided me?

He is about to do something unforgivable. And i feel helpless since he refuses to listen to me. How can i help him?

How should I guide my friend?

She is dating a guy and even though she knows its wrong she cant sort of control herself from not doing so.

What to do when the answer was not clear?

I performed dua Istikharah (to seek Allah’s Counsel), about if I should divorce from an abusive man.

Istakhara came out negative but we still want to marry each other.

I wanna marry this guy but my mom did a istakhara by aalim and istakhara came out negative and I told the guy istakhara came out negative. I’m so confuse because he said if we still marry something gonna bad happen in our feature but we both r still wanna get marry but we don’t know what we should do please help me.

I found out she was married 6 months later

Six months later she decided to tell me the truth: that she was married with not one but 4 children, and she still lived with her husband. I have never felt so much hurt and anger in all my life! She told me that she loved me and not her husband, and that she wishes that she was with me. I know I should have walked away from her when she told me the truth, but I couldn’t as I love her so much.

Thank you!

I just wanted to thank all of you wonderful Muslims on this site who have taken the time to help those in need of guidance and prayer myself included. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of you and all of your loved ones.

Communicating with non mahram, to guide him in iman

I feel like guiding him to the straight path just like a sister. When he missed his prayers he felt strongly dissatisfied, but he is not realizing the cause of this dissatisfaction. I believe once his imaan is strong, he can guide his wife and children the same way and he would not even feel the need to chat with me.

Mother in law will not accept me or our children

I am a White Christian who had 2 children with a Muslim outside of marriage our child is now 4 and 2 months… We recently got married by nikah… My husbands mother has never seen our children and will not accept me or our children.. My husband lives with his mum in the house he […]

Would my fast be accepted after what I´ve done?

My mother was mistreated by my father and his sibling when they first moved to….. some 22 yrs ago, and my mom went throught alot of abuse by him and his family for the first 6-7 yrs.

How do I perform Istikhara?

    I was told by someone that after Isha prayer, say two nafal and then recite YA-KHABEERU 100 times and then go to sleep. Can be done for 7 day, if required. Is that a way to perform istakhara.