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A Muslim girl and a Sikh boy

He’s a very respectable person and he loves me. How can I let him know Islam is the ultimate source of guidance and falah?

How can I make her accept islam?

I tried to approach her by scaring her, saying that she will go to hell if she doesn’t embrace islam. I know it was very naive on my part, but can someone tell me how to approach her? I want her to see the beauty of islam. She is not acceping any of my efforts of hidayah, so can anyone tell me how to ask people to convert to Islam? How can I sow the seeds of Islam in her heart? I hope I find a successful answer which can fetch me results.

I am in love with an idolater

But please, I don’t want to hear that loving a non muslim is haram, because I believe that Allah Sees intentions Alhamdulillah. I don’t love him selfishly for just worldy matters, I really love him from my heart for the sake of the hereafter, too- in fact more.