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I touched my female cousin without her consent. I feel terrible.

I feel like a horrible human being now, to the point that I beat myself daily and repeatedly. How do I repent?

Should I marry for status or love?

He is not at all good looking, and everyone says that I deserve better than him. I love him, but I really can’t tolerate his family. They don’t have any standards at all, and that’s why I’m taking back my steps and not fighting for him. I don’t wanna marry some pious man, because I don’t wanna do injustice to him. I may find a guy who’s my type and who has committed sins like mine, but guys don’t accept and can’t bear that their wives are already not a virgin. So I think I cant lead a normal, peaceful life.

Lost and suicidal, Please help me.

I dont know what to do where to turn to. ??? Help Plz make dua for me. Since I want to save this marriage. Iam in a state of Pschological illness. I have no sleep I dont know how to take care of the children like before. I have no feelings of love and mercy in my heart that much. My husband has told me to forget about the past and think of the future but how can I ?