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Husband did not mean divorce but said so in a fit of rage. Am I divorced now?

Recently, we got into a heated argument, and I will admit that I did things to provoke him throughout the argument. When I did and said things to provoke him, my intentions were never divorce, I just am a bit hardheaded and do not give in easily. I have searched online and have come to the conclusion that he can give a kafaarah, if he breaks the oath, and I would not be considered divorce.

Loss of child killing me, was it my fault?

My husband seems to think I was too scared all through the pregnancy and other people say maybe it was my stress but my child lived for 16days before he died but they keep saying maybe my stressing brought about the preterm labour. I am so confused. I need my mind at rest.

I feel guilty for commiting sins but I want to become good Muslimah again. Please help.

I want be a good Muslimah and I want to stop this haram relationship. I want be happy again; I can’t sleep at night time; I keep thinking about him and why I did what I did? I hope Allah will forgives me; please help me and give me your best advices.

Will God forgive me for doing witchcraft?

I started to pray five times daily and I fast without cheating. (because I used fast and then eat secretly) But now that I started to Pray and try to do my best. I live under stress and denial. I have done things in my past that are very bad. Years ago I did witchcraft then I stopped because I was afraid.

I want a divorce from my wife and want to marry this other girl who I have been in relationship with.

I am in a situation which is very troubling. Eight years ago I got married to my mother’s identical twin sister’s daughter from Pakistan. For all these years I have put on an act so my mother remains happy. We are not able to have children & last year I became exhausted of living a lie. I met a girl with a beautiful heart and good intentions with whom I and she instantly had a spark and connection with. Unfortunately, she became pregnant with my twin babies & this is when I had to tell her I was still married. I left her with no option but to abort.

Having gay thoughts for 10 years and don’t know how to stop?

I am a 21 year old Male Muslim and ever since I was 11 I have been having gay thoughts. The reason I got these gay thoughts was through my high school years as it was a same gender school.

Am I in an haram relationship?

I have been with my Muslim boyfriend for 6 years now and we were having sexual relations for about 5 years. Since this discussion a year has passed and now I have reverted to Islam, which I am very happy and proud about. I know that this is obviously haram as Allah does not permit any form of relationship between the opposite of sex till marriage, and if it was down to me I would marry him in a heart beat. But here is where it gets complicated because he says that he will marry me but not until he finishes his degree and/or if I get a good job.

I am engaged to be married but my ex-boyfriend is blackmailing me

2 years back I fell in love with a guy who wanted to marry me, we did not intend to have any romantic relationship instead wanted to get married but my family refused but we kept on talking as it was really hard for us to be apart after the attachment…

My family won’t accept him, because he’s a European convert Muslim

I got to know a guy through Facebook in November last year. We talked for about two weeks, he seemed perfect even though we had never met and even though we only spoke for about two weeks. I live in Germany and he lives in Switzerland…

My brother doesn’t want to marry his fiance but he is doing so for our parent’s happiness.

He trust me with his whole life. He has told me about his past. Like how he used to sell drugs and have sex with other woman. He has also told me he was in love with his ex girlfriend. How she treated him different than any other girl he even meet. He still loves her. But didn’t marry her because it was a long distance even though they lived in the same city. He lies to my parents to get him engaged. He doesn’t want to marry the girl he is engaged too. He doesn’t want to hurt my parents and break up the Engagement. And he feels if he does and goes back with his ex girlfriend. She might take him back. How could I help My brother?