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Praying Gives Me Nightmares


A few years before I got married I was not very religious and did not pray all the time. However, when I met my husband and then the years before he became my husband he encouraged me to follow my religion on a more regular basis alhamdAllah.

The Less Religious she Gets the More Worried I am about Getting Married

The story begins many years ago when I had become friends with a girl in my class. We quickly became good friends but because of the religious difference between us, we were friends and nothing else.

Husband’s Housekeeping Habits are Causing Problems

Assalamu-alaikum, I have been with my husband for 5 years now and alhamdulillah Allah has given me a wonderful husband and I am happy with most aspects of our relationship. However, he can be very inconsiderate and unappreciative at times. After work at times he won’t say salaams or even smile. (I understand that he is tired after work so I leave him). He will never ever helps out around the house which I don’t mind but he will leave a a lot of mess after himself. For example if he uses the bathroom the whole bathroom will be soaking wet.