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What is the best way to divorce my husband?

I am a Filipina married in Phillipines 2 years ago and I had one son with Syrian guy. Unfortunately, there are many differences about me and him. Personality differences, inability to sustain my financial needs, poor in hygine, etc.

How can I get out of this abusive relationship with no support?

I’m contemplating divorce. Each time my husband fights with me because we have disagreement, he orders me that I should leave and return to my mothers home and he threatens to take my son away from me and kick me out of my marital home. He has formed a habit of continuing this daily.

I can’t carry on in this loveless marriage

I need some guidance. I was a orphan child and my aunty brought me up and at the age of 16 she wanted me to marry her brother’s son. I wasn’t happy about it and she emotionally blackmailed me and took me to Pakistan .

Trying to leave my violent husband but the guilt is stopping me


First I want to say that I appreciate any advice anyone has for me. I am a 27 year old woman living in the Unites states. I have been married to my husband for 10 years and we have 3 amazing sons Hamdillah. My husband is verbally abusive and angry all the time.