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I want to go to Umrah with my milk-brother

Would my milk brother, who was breastfed by my mother, be able to go to Umrah with me as Mahram?

Removing veil in front of non-mahram. Help!!

I am going on Umrah. I am niqabi. But according to Hanafi law, you cannot cover face whilst performing tawaf…

Allah never punishes those who break the hearts of girls

Why Allah give such people a chance to perform hajj, they do sins and them they go to perform hajj is that the reason why Allah never punish him?

How to go to Hajj when I have children?

I wanted to keep my kids in an Islamic boarding school and perform hajj after enrolling them in one but as i am residing in nagpur i could not find one. so what should i do?

Washing of the Kaa’ba

Alhumdolillah, I am SO excited – I just paid my deposit for my trip for hajj 2012, inshAllah and pray that Allah allows me the ability to perfom it. I have been studying all the material I can find and asking family and friends tips about Hajj and umrah so I am well prepared when the BIG day arrives, inshAllah.

Changing name after marriage and conversion and seeing angels in dreams

My birth name is Sarah o’ Connor; I am keeping my first name the same. My father name is William John o’ Connor and his dad is John o’ Connor. So, would I still be Sarah o’ Connor or Sarah William John or can I have my name as Sarah Yahya as john is Yahya in Arabic?

Going to hajj with my mom but I’m in debt to many companies

Ok so here is the deal. I’m about to go to hajj with my mom as a meharam I’m excited and all BUT I’m in debt! During my younger days I took on a lot of debt from different companies such as phone companies, tv, traffic tickets and all sorts of other nonsense.  I’m aware […]

Umrah, Hajj and Mahram

This is mahiuddin shams from saudi arabia, want to know, if we perform umrah in the month of shawwal or Dhul Qidah then is this compulsory to do Hajj this year?

Umrah or Hajj without a Mahram.


I would like to know if I can do Umrah or Hajj without the presence of a Mahram.

Can anybody tell me?