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Is flirting with other women haraam and a sin?

I have seen men where I live winking, calling others “babe” “sweetheart” and more.

I perform all my obligatory Islamic duties, Can I listen to Music?

I am very very regular with my salaahs. I avoid vulgarity. I do zikr as well. I recite all the duas and supplications with all my heart by understanding them. I read Quran with translation as well. So I am quite satisfied with my Islamic practices. But I like music as well.

Breast Implant in Islam

I would like to know if i am allowed to get breast implants put in if my husband allows me too because i am very unhappy and depressed with my body and it is making me very uncomfortable.

Getting over Homosexuality

I miss him so much. I used to cry at night hoping that giving him up allowed me to have him in jannah. I’m unsure of it is haram there but considering drinking wine there is Halal, then I suppose anything is possible. Smartphones are making homosexual meets so much more easier and its worse […]