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Confused about marriage rules.

Can her elder brother be the guardian?

Is our relation haram?

I am in a long distance relation… we have deep feeling and high respect for each other.

Halal Job?

Are these jobs halal?

Zina and Marriage

Is it permissible in Islam to marry a girl who committed Zina with another man previously?

Advice for marriage.

I am in love with my maternal aunt. We both have same feelings for each other.

About a promise…

She promised by touching Quran…

Is this nikah valid?

My friend signed nikah contract unwillingly. Her family tricked her into this marriage.

Can there be a second marriage?

Can there be a second marriage when first wife who can’t bear more children is not allowing it?

Ex daughter-law living with ex-father in-law…

Is it haram that the ex-wife continues to live in the ex-father-in-law’s house?

Is his secret marriage valid?

My brother married the maid. His wife doesn’t know and they live in one house. The maid is now pregnant. He said he will divorce the maid after she gives birth but will still provide expenses for the child.