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Taking photographs of non-living things

Is it haram? Can we see those pictures which are saved in our mobiles?

My wife demands khula and has a bad past

She asked me for khula. I tried my level best to save my marriage, tried every possible way… But she did not change her decision…

My attitude problem with girls

When i see any girl around me i lower my gaze with no problem but I start showing ATTITUDE to them, try to impress them with my serious looks, my expensive cell phone, with my cars I DO THIS WITH NO INTENTION OF TALKING TO ANY ONE OF THEM …. i dont know why i try to impress them?

Can I marry him while I’m pregnant with his child?

If so where is the proof of this, who is it narrated by, and on the authority of who?

Can I massage my private parts to make them grow?

I am a 13 year old boy who has hit puberty.

Am I committing a major sin?

I purchased a lottery ticket. But just now my brother said it’s haram. Is this a major sin?

Can they do nikah?

Can a man do nikah with his uncle’s wife after talaq or widow?