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Depression and confusion

I lost my love of life, my husband, even my health is damaged…

Will my earnings be halal if I obtained my degree with dishonesty?

We used to submit our seniors projects with slight modifications to the examiners. Also, there was a workshop course wherein we had to do carpentry, welding, fitting and sheet metal which we were not at all good at and hence we used to pay the attender to do it for us. If I inshaallah get into the government through these exams using that degree, will my income be halal?

I don’t want to sell alcohol, but my parents think I’m a hypocrite!

I am an 19 year old muslimah living in the west. Since I have to pay my stuff myself, insurance and all (my parents want me to learn how to deal with money). I worked at a supermarket as a cashier. So I scanned the stuff and took the money. But since I live in the west the supermarkets sell alcohol. So frequently I had to scan the alcohol, the pork and some other haram stuff. I didnt feel good about it, so I did a bit of research and I found out that it is not permisseble to work at such a place. And that I’m doing haram buy scanning the article, I am actually assisting them with the haram stuff.

Being shariah compliant in a western work place


Working in a western environment can be challenging for a practising Muslim, as well as testing. Alhamdulilah I enjoy where I work, and although all my work colleagues are non-muslims they are considerate and understanding to my religious needs.

Is my work haram if my laptop came from a haram source?

My parents bought me the laptop a long time ago and I try to recall and it seems like they bought it with haram money

Is it true that a marriage proposal from a Hafiz must be accepted?

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. Insha’Allah all is well. I am wondering as to whether the following is correct. I was told that if a Hafiz proposes he shouldn’t be refused. I  don’t know if this is true and based on evidence or not. Does anyone know? Also his character and piety is still not […]

Is it OK to share a car home with a male?

have been living a normal life as many so called Muslims are doing now. But from some months I have changed a lot. I have started wearing hijab, stopped doing things what I am not supposed to do as a Muslim. But I had a boyfriend, I love him so much

Will going to a concert behind my parents’ back take me to hell?

I’m 18 and I’ve never been to a concert before, and this concert I really want to go to isn’t a dance-ish techno concert

Should we stop our 8 year old from watching cartoons?

I know that instead of indulging her in watching cartoons, we should make her watch Islamic channels. But where I live there are no Islamic channels.

Is it mandantory to have sexual intercourse on the first day of wedding night?

I would like to know Is it mandantory to have sexual intercourse on the first day of wedding night? been heard its a sunnah but if not practiced on the same day will it be sin…