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I love my husband, but I cheated on him

I have been EXTREMELY happily married for 14 years, and have 2 children. We have been the kind of mushy couple that is always asked if we’re honeymooners. We are best friends! But I recently cheated on my husband. I didn’t get any satisfaction out of it, it was purely for the other person.

Confused about my position in a happy marriage with a stingy husband

By the end of the month, every single penny has been used up for milk and bread etc. I never get a single cent to spend on myself. Even to buy things for the children I have to ask him over and over again to either give me money or take us shopping on his days off, for even basic things like school uniforms.

How to maintain my husbands love and affection

I want to know how to keep and maintain my husband love and affection till my death.?
I want to keep my husband and all surrondings in my mother in law home happy and peaceful in which way? I want to take gud name in my mother in law home how it is possible?