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Love him, but can’t marry right now

I know relationship is haraam in Islam but we just can’t stay away… we have no choice but to wait till the right time.


A haraam relationship

Will God fully forgive me? Will I be able to find the true man he has written down as meant for me one day?

How do I repent for this?

How do I repent to Allah after commit zina and have a baby without wedlock?

My sins have made me depressed

I was forced to do sins. Now I am thinking about that incident… If my parents know about my past, they will hurt a lot.

My boyfriend kissed my neck and I FEEL SO GUILTY

I don’t want to lose him but at the same time I don’t want to do something like this again.

I need help to avoid an illicit relationship

The physical part of my marriage is almost over and slipping into an illicit relationship with this woman is so easy…..

At A Crossroads… or Many

My story splits into, I think, three or four different struggles in my life…

In Love with a Syrian Al Qaeda Fighter

I was intend to go and get my father’s permission through phone after he realizes I won’t be going home…

I want to leave a haram relationship

We did unlawful things..I regret ..I feel so guilty that I think I should kill myself…I wanna leave everything for Allah.

Married and committed zina

Everything in haram seemed beautiful and I was happy… All that time I was flying and suddenly I fell from height and then I realised what I have done.