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My husband has an inappropriate relationship with his sister in law

His chats clearly expressed they were having something more than friendship. She said she is jealous when he touches me.

My Unforgiven Sins

I know I’m not going to be forgiven for my same repeated sins. There is no hope for me, not anymore…

Is transgender haram?

To be honest I really want to be just a girl – is this wrong? Are hormones and SRS haram?

My mother is a fortune teller what should I do?

i have been having a hard time because i have found out a while ago that my mother is a fortune teller i dont know what to do or say i am ashamed because recently are Muslim friends came to our house and did a fortune to her with a tea cup.

Will my earnings be halal if I obtained my degree with dishonesty?

We used to submit our seniors projects with slight modifications to the examiners. Also, there was a workshop course wherein we had to do carpentry, welding, fitting and sheet metal which we were not at all good at and hence we used to pay the attender to do it for us. If I inshaallah get into the government through these exams using that degree, will my income be halal?

In love with a non-Muslim girl

I am in love with a girl who is not a Muslim. We started as friends a few months ago and right now the relationship has become so intense that we are now lovers.

How can I avoid upsetting family while not engaging in haram?

I have explained to them that I will not be engaging in the traditions such as dancing. They will not accept this and say that they will make me dance on the night. I am afraid that a scene will be created if they do so. I have explained that even to be there amongst the music, dancing and men and women being together is haraam.

My husband gambles and doesn’t understand that it’s haram.

My husband gamble, he plays lotto numbers every week. I try talking to him to stop all this but it’s no use. Sometimes I think we have problems and the bad luck because of this.

Why Pork is Haram in Islam?

Alhamdulillah I am a muslim and I know that eating Pork is haram in Islam. I live in US and I have lots people around me with different religions.

Is plucking eyebrows permitted?

Yesterday I was reading some article, and I found that plucking eyebrows is haram? It’s not permitted?