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Should I wear the Hijab?

I obviously cover my hair when I pray but I have such a strong desire to wear a hijab when I leave my house, what should I do?

My step-mother’s behaviour toward me!

She knows very well about islam, she knows the rights of husband, kids, humans but she do not practice it…

Online friends

I got back in touch with my online friends… Many were happy to see me back. But a few not so much…

My husband can’t accept the past… My life is falling apart…

He said terrible things. That maybe I could have some disease from that guy because I slept with him, that he is scared how will I raise our daughter… He has serious problems and I am scared what to do.

I don’t know how to make him understand

We had some misunderstanding between us and he is talking so rude to me… I know suicide isn’t good – that is the only reason I am still alive.

Why does she hate me?

She made many changes to accommodate married life yet these issues seem to be destroying our relationship.

How can I get past what I said to my husband out of anger?

I have a dilemma: My husband and I had a major fight about 3 weeks ago and out of anger I told him he’s haram to me.