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My dead father is haunting me

I am writing to you for help with one of life’s problems. I am a recent convert to Islam and I am ashamed to ask my local Imam for help. I was an only child and I lived with both my parents, while my mother wanted me and demonstrated this through love and attention, my father was a different story (he died nearly 20 years ago).

I want to repent & do ghusl, as I have masturbated, watched lesbian porn & my family is cursed by black magic

I’m a 15 year old Girl, I live in the UK and used to live in a place where there was hardly any Muslims. A few years back i started watching porn and I started masturbating, not sticking anything, just rubbing. I masturbated over lesbian porn but I am not a lesbian. I know these are VERY bad things to do and ive stopped watchin the lesbian porn and ive stopped masturbating but sometimes i still watch porn-normal porn.