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Planning a pregnancy – is it allowed?

I heard that it’s not allowed to plan a pregnancy. Can I plan my pregnancy or not?

Baby out of wedlock

If I leave my home to be with my baby I won’t have my family’s support. If I give my baby up for adoption it will kill me…

Trying to conceive again after ectopic pregnancy

I need advice on specific verses or dua… I really want to conceive and have child of my own.

Pregnancy – sisters only please

I am so scared of something going wrong during my labor and delivery…

I don’t have a baby

  It has been 4 years since I married, but I have not conceived a child. Kindly do istakhara for me and tell me if I will have the happiness of children? -sobia raheel

Muslim woman, unmarried and pregnant

We have found out we are expecting a child. He has always wanted to convert to Islam, we were just waiting to graduate from college. We would really like to get married before the baby is born.

We are both thalassemia carriers, should we try for a baby or give up?

When we got married we both knew we were thalassemia carriers. (Thalassemia is an inherited disorder. It leads to the decreased production and increased destruction of red blood cells). We had a baby once and found that baby was a thalassaemia major and we did an abortion thinking of the baby’s future. We want to have […]