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How to save my marriage

My husband has decided to abandon me. Without giving me a chance he doubts my fertility.

Life on its wits!!!

I am having stage 4 cancer…

No hope from life

I am all the time weeping and there is no one and no hope from life.

Cannot wake up for fajr due to medical condition

I’m on medication and unable to concentrate properly when I wake up for fajr… I lose my strength more.

Questions About Medical Fields and Improvements in My Life

Since I have adrenal fatigue and mental health issues, working nights and being on call would be very stressful for me, but there is a deep desire for me to be in the medical field.

Marriage with a sick person

He told me about his illness and health – any miracle can happen but he’s not sure and his life is not strong.

Extremly depressed! stomach pains ruining my life.

I have been depressed for the past couple years, i was diagnosed with many illnesses, such as psoratic arthritis, shingles and stomach pain. I had the stomach pain for almost 8 years, and it has ruined my life. I dropped out of school because it was getting too bad to handle…

Tricked into marriage to an unstable wife: Is divorce the only way out?

My wife cries over small matters, creates drama and histrionics, spends money like anything, and regularly offers suicide as a solution to problems. Sometimes I feel I’m dealing with a ten year old.

Dua to help nephew start walking

Can anyone tell me a dua for my sister’s son. He is 2.5 years old, but has not started walking yet.

Am I the biggest sinner to get this illness?

My family thinks that I got this illness because I must have commit some sins, They look down on me and do not want to know me. I got the job and I try my best to make it to work because of house mortgage n bills.