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I don’t like my husband; how to end this misery?

I have been married for more than 2 years. my husband has erectile dysfunction for which he takes medication. although he is a good man with occasional bad habits like burping loud and passing wind infrnt of me i do not like him let alone love him.

I want to divorce to be a second wife to this other man but my husband has refused. Please help

I confess my guilt before my husband and asked him to divorce me so that i get married with that person as he is intrusted in marriage but my husband is not giving me divorce. Plz help me out n give me suggestion that what can i do?

I have stopped masturbation after 5 years, worried it will affect married life

Now i am afraid of my married life i am going to marry a girl soon INSHALLAH! I love her so much because of her i was able to stop masturbating..i want to know that due to my past (masturbating) is there any problem in my child birth process or any of the problems of infertility?

Effects of Masturbation on Human Health?

I just think that there is one way of stopping myself.. If you tell me the effects masturbation has on human health… I’ve heard that the reproductive system gets greatly harmed… Please let me know all of the effects.. For men and for women…

I want divorce as I can’t take it anymore

He does haraam things which i cant take anymore as hes doin all this before i even bring him to the u.k and now i know he will ruin my life or leave me if i bring him so whats the point me going al through the hard work. i told him so many times i want a divorce but he laughs it off and said he will never give it. i dont love him and if i did ever want to work it out it will be only for my family sake not mine.

Personality disorder is affecting my faith, family life and causing other problems.

I do plan on getting counselling i think this will help. I feel like i can’t do anything right and i am a bad Muslim I feel like a hypocrite and after reading the Quran i feel worse. I tried listening to recitations but they are in Arabic i don’t understand, it just seems pointless. I just hate myself i have low self-esteem i am not getting any where in life or moving ahead.

I’m devastated, I miss my dad!

I feel so scared and alone. I miss him so much my heart literally hurts, there are no words to describe how I am feeling my dad meant everything to me and loved me so much. I always try to keep myself occupied with prayers and reading quran. I dont know what else to do. I would just like some advice from my dear brothers and sisters on how I can get through this?

My mother asked our brother to leave as he doesn’t mend his ways; is it right as per Islam?

He smokes, organize parties where wine is served (though he does not drink) and doesn’t pray or fast. Recently my mother has given him ultimatum that he should leave house if he does not mend his ways. I want to ask what does Islam or Qoran say about this? What my mother doing is correct? No doubt Quran shows us the correct path.

I can’t find a job, has someone performed black magic on me?

I lost my health, even had surgery but still I am neither gaining weight nor seeing any betterment in my health. I applied to some hundreds of places but no luck! Why is that? Is it possible someone has cast magic on me?

Pregnant and need rest.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining to him about his mother but what do I do? Do I push myself too far to please her and risk losing my baby?