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Unrequited love for my cousin

I just want him as my life partner. But he doesn’t likes me back. He don’t have similar feeling for me.

Doubts / Tests on my faith

I don’t know how long can I hold on, I about to abandon all hope in this.

My husband has a porn addiction

Our whole life together he lead this double life… he would stay up at night saying he’s working he would turn me away all because he was addicted to porn…

Will Allah let me be with my ex in Paradise?

For Allah’s sake I give my husband happiness. If I become a good wife in this world will I be able to be with person I loved in paradise if Allah permits?

Why is getting married unnecessarily difficult? Does Allah send you a spouse or do you go and find one yourself?

Because I am no longer living, I am just existing.

If suicide wasn’t haram, I’d be long dead

I really want life to end. I don’t think anyone would even care.

A girl I love is marrying someone else but she loves me

I love her so much, she loves me too, but we couldn’t do anything about it.

How to end a relationship properly

I’m in love with an un-believer. I ma resigning from my job so that I can cure my heart disease properly.

Personal issues

I love him a lot but now I’m married to another person…

Even after 5 years, I haven’t met but I still love him dearly.

Help me please let me sort out all this mess in my head.